Tantric Healing and Sacred Sexual Sessions

Tantric Massage, Education and Coaching

As a Senior Teacher and Certified Associate with the Source School of Tantra, Judith recognizes that Tantric massage offers the body, heart and soul an experience of ecstatic joy beyond the imagination. Her sessions include the foundational principles of meditation, breath, sound and especially sacred, sensual touch to open the body to the highest frequencies of pleasure and wholeness. Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of her clients and may include coaching along with her masterful hands-on work.

This is a 90 minute session

Tantric-Maha Massage

This session invites you to to the Sacred Temple of the Divine Feminine in the form of the Great Mother. Judith’s, signature Maha sessions offer a level of Maternal nurturing related to your ability to receive profound Human and Divine Love. This Sacred Ritual is a transmission of energy allowing your body to unwind from wounded patterns towards that prevent the fullest expression of giving and receiving intimate loving. Clients leave the Maha Ritual with a profound sense of healing and wholeness.

 This is a 2 hour session