Honoring The Wisdom of The Yoniverse – Expanded Information

Workshop Hours:

Fri, Aug 4: 7 – 9:30pm (Arrive at 6:45pm)
Sat, Aug 5: 10am – 8pm (Optional Hot Tub Social Hour: 8 -9pm)
Sun, Aug 6: 10am – 5pm (Optional Hot Tub Social Hour: 9 – 10am)

We are delighted you will be sharing this time with us for Honoring the Wisdom of the Yoniverse workshop weekend on Friday, August 4 thru Sunday, August 6.  We will officially start at 7:00pm on Friday, but please arrive at 6:45pm, to check in, settle in, and familiarize your self with the space so that we can begin on time.  Wear and/or bring comfortable clothing and layers for the weekend that you are able to move easily in. You are welcome to bring everything you need for the weekend on Friday, and leave it here for the weekend. Please check the list below to know what items you will need for the weekend.

Location:  The workshop will be at :  7405 Park Lane Road  Longmont, CO 80503.  We are located in an area called Gunbarrel, between Boulder and Longmont, but you will need to enter Longmont, 80503 into GPS for directions.

Please let us know if you are running late.
Dawn’s cell phone:  (720)  333-7978
Judith’s cell phone: (303) 818-3445

Meals:  Please make sure to eat dinner before you arrive on Friday evening, and breakfast before you arrive on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Our first meal together, will be a lunch on Saturday, at approximately 1:30pm, and then an early evening snack. Please let us know if you are vegetarian, gluten free, or have any food allergies. On Sunday, we will have a light lunch together, along with a light late afternoon snack.  We will be providing these meals/snacks, but we invite you to bring any extra snacks or anything extra you desire for meal breaks that you need to keep yourself and your belly happy for the weekend.  You are welcome to utilize the fridge.  There will be filtered water and hot tea available all weekend as well as coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings :). We end on Sunday at approximately 5pm.

Optional  Hot Tub ‘Social Hours’:  We do have a bathing suit free hot tub that will be available for your use during the two optional ‘Social Hours’, which are 8 – 9pm Saturday night after our workshop session and 9 – 10am Sunday morning before we start our workshop session.  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL FOR HOT TUB.

NOTE:    This Weekend is not a Residential. You are responsible for your own sleeping arrangements.  If you are coming from out of town, we can help provide you with housing options and hotel info.

~ If you are local woman and can house a woman, please let us know.  You can work out a ‘love offering’ with a women if you choose to offer a bedroom.

~ To inquire about, and/or work out lodging:  Please contact Dawn @ dawnarising@yahoo.com

 Please bring the following for the Weekend:
~  One Pillow for your personal comfort and use
~ One orTwo Towels (One for Ritual and one for Hot Tub use)
~ One flat sheet
~ Sarong or robe
~ Water bottle to use for provided filtered water
~ Favorite oil and/or lotion for massaging
~ Journal (if you use one)
~ Flowing scarf

          ~ Sacred Object for the alter  (this item will be placed on the alter on Friday evening, blessed by the energy of the weekend and then taken back home with you)

             ~ Please wear comfortable clothing and bring layers for your temperature comfort

There will be a personal phone interview for each registrant with either Dawn or Judith, if you have not met them.  This is to insure that each woman feels informed about the content of the workshop. You will be contacted by one of them.  At which point, we can confirm your participation.  Thank you!

Cancellation Policy:
~ If WE need to Cancel the workshop at any time, we will refund all of your payment(s) in full.

If YOU Cancel:
~ More than 14 days prior to workshop: Tantric Sacred Journeys and Awakened Loving keeps $75 administrative and logistical fee and refunds the rest of your payment(s).

~ Between 14 – 7 days prior to workshop, your total payment is Non Refundable. However, Tantric Sacred Journeys and Awakened Loving keeps 1/2 of your tuition for administrative and logistical fees.  The other 1/2 is kept as credit for you to use towards future Workshops or Private Sessions within one year from workshop date.

~ Less than 7 days prior to workshop, your total payment is completely Non Refundable nor Credited.
~ If you replace yourself, no tuition is forfeited.
~ We will consider dire emergencies and/or hardship per situation.