Honoring the Wisdom of the Yoniverse

In a safeGoddess Photo 6:23:12 and sacred space, Dawn and Judith will guide you through the gateway to the Divine Feminine Nature. During this weekend, we will support and witness each other navigate the bliss and surrender involved in being an Awakened Woman. You will learn the science, and experience the magic involved in reclaiming the power and preciousness we hold sacred in our bodies.Together, we will be fearless, and compassionate, and everyone’s hearts and boundaries will be honored.

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Judith Shivani Davis                               Dawn Beck

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Exploring the Fabric of the Feminine ~ June 11

Calling all island goddess to come and join us in a day long transformation in Yoni Healing, held on the Northshore of Oahu.  Together we will dive deeply into our womb wisdom, and create a safe and sacred container to share our inner most voices.  We will honor all boundaries and hands on work will be an option. Beautifulgoddessheart


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The Pleasure Path to Healing: Using Arousal as a Guide


Building in the series with Dan and Judith, come join us July 30th for the next day long experiential workshop, this time on the connection between Pleasure and Healing.  Judith and Dan will map out the bridge that will guide you on the journey that blends the new neuroscience , anatomy of arousal, and brain connections that can directly result in new pathways toward pleasure. Your physical body, and your psychological freedom are deeply connected to your history and past experiences of your sexuality.  This will be a safe, guided container that you will be able to duplicate for yourself, and your partners.
Come ready to be seen, and see one another, as we provide a way expand with grace and vulnerability- toward our exalted human birthright!

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Judith Shivani Davis                         Dan Powers