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Tantra: Art of Conscious Loving Vacation Seminars

Tantra Teachers, Charles Muir and Leah Alchin

The Ultimate Tantra Vacation Seminar with Charles Muir & Leah Alchin
For Couples and Singles

Join Charles Muir and Leah Alchin for a week of Tantric immersion with advanced practices and teachings, for graduates of “Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving” weekend courses and all non-beginner level Tantric seekers.

Each day Charles Muir will lead two initiatory classes designed to deepen your Tantric understanding, awaken consciousness and empower you into new levels of Wholeness.  We will practice both Red and White Tantra in a way which allows you to take them home for ongoing practice.  This is a journey into a more profound, loving relationship with yourself, your God, and the opposite sex.  Whether you attend as a single or as a couple, you will revitalize yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually during this ultimate week of Tantra.

Join Charles and Leah for great meals at Charles’ temple-like home and for a vacation in one of sunny California’s most pristine redwood forests (Big Basin State park).  Swimming pools, 18 hole nature golf course and hiking are all on property.  Ten minutes away, in the heart of the state park, there is a 325 foot redwood tree you can actually stand under, redwood hiking trails of every length, including one to a waterfall.  With just four or five hours of class each day, the schedule allows plenty of time for rest, tourist activities, sacred shopping and lots of homeplay.

You owe yourself a vacation, one that won’t tire you out or cost a fortune.  The Tantric secrets you’ll learn this week are something you will treasure for a lifetime.  Couples will deepen their relationship and make friends for life.  Singles will meet fabulous people to start friendships with, and all sorts of Tantric miracles happen within the safe environment that Charles and his staff create for students.


Tuition for the seminar is only $1295 per person, and our gourmet meal plan is available for $275.00 or you can cook in the kitchen in your rented home.  Both private one bedroom homes or two bedroom shared homes are available on site, depending on your budget and needs.

Gender balance will be maintained in class and single registrants will be confirmed only after we receive a registration of the opposite sex.  Singles are encouraged to bring along platonic friends of the complimentary sex to assist us with gender balance.  All homeplay is optional for singles.

Charles’ highly trained staff will also be available for private transformative bodywork or Tantra sessions.

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