Body Wisdom

Private Sessions
~ Personally designed for YOU…



      Structural Integration (Rolf Method) ~ 3 series or 10 series available.

 The work of Structural Integration is done is a series.  If you would like to know more about either the 10 or 3 series please contact her directly.


Rolfage Sessions ~

Rolfage offers a perfect blend of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration with a deep, connecting massage. As a true master of body-work, Judith’s Rolfage coaxes the body towards its own balanced natural state with grounded and nurturing touch. Her confidence and skill in rolfaging in and around the pelvis is masterful and is key to opening up the whole body to health and pleasure.

You will leave feeling balanced, relaxed, nourished and awakened.


Full Embodiment is our divine birthright as evolving human beings. Learn how to re-inhabit you whole body, in a safe and supportive environment. Judith Shivani Davis has three decades of experience guiding individuals, couples and groups in reclaiming sexual, spiritual, emotional and physical health. She uses her skills and intuition, informed by her experience in Rolf Method, and as a massage therapist, spiritual guide and sexual healer to heal trauma and restore balance and alignment to the body, mind and spirit. If you would like to experience pleasure, love, spiritual connection, balance and harmony in your life, come discover how to go beyond what has held you back. Judith is a graduate of the Boulder College of Massage, The Guild for Structural Integration, an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator, the local coordinator and contact for Charles Muir and Source School of Tantra Yoga.

Discover if now is the time for you to awaken to Balance and Bliss.
Call Judith at 303-818-3445

If you would like to invite me to your town to do private work, please contact me directly, to find out how that can happen.