Center for Awaken Loving

“Judith has been assisting with me in Source School of Tantra Yoga’s 10-day teacher training since 2006. Her nurturing presence and sense of integrity, in the field of Sacred Sexual Healing, has been a constant gift to our students in these trainings. Her classes and sessions are fun, educational, and very useful for the students journey to become skilled teachers professionally. Personally, I look forward to my therapeutic sessions on her table each time we are together. She is a master in getting one to unwind and release body stored emotional/energetic and physical patterns. I recommend her with confidence.”
~ Charles Muir, Director: Source School Of Tantra Yoga

“Judith holds a synergy of open-hearted warmth combined with an ever curious and inquisitive attitude about life and its mysteries. Her presence and touch transmit a quality of sacred rarely found and deeply needed in the field of conscious intimacy.”
~ Saida Désilets, Ph.D.: Founder of the Désilets Method and Author of Emergence of the Sensual Woman
www.thedesiletsmethod.com, www.jadegoddess.com

“Judith spent 5 days as a guest in our house. During that time she was deeply involved in following the patterns between Mary and I. Sometimes she provoked a new level of honesty, asking probing questions like, “Is that what you really want or are you just being co-dependent? Other times she reinforced the deep love between us. As a result of her intimacy coaching, Mary and I broke through some stuck places and catapulted to new levels of connection that would not have been possible with out her assistance.” ~ David

“Judith and I worked with Ron Kurtz more than 33 years ago, helping formulate his body centered psychotherapy approach later on named as “Hakomi”. She is one of the most qualified, intuitive and experienced body work healers around.” ~ Barry in Boulder, CO

“Judith is a rare gem. Just as there are some musicians with perfect pitch, Judith posesses an innate talent to evoke emotions and sensations deep within a person. With me, she was able to resonate my entire love life and bring it to the present moment. I was able to complete the heartbreaks of the past and stop protecting myself from being truly intimate.” ~ Mead Rose in CA, Tantric Arts Institute

“Judith Shivani Davis is an exceptional Professional Certified Tantra Educator whom I recommend without question. I attended one of her women’s workshops and I felt Judith’s ability to presence the Goddess, as well as wisdom and facilitation, created a successful sexual healing experience for myself and for others. She has the rare ability to guide us to a deeper understanding of sexual intimacy through Tantra Teachings; with the ‘breath’ and movement of energy.I encourage all to explore and grow under the wing of Judith’s exquisite skill and insight.” ~ Pat Gurnick, CLC, Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO

“I am so appreciative of you and your work- my thankfulness is beyond words. For your courage to go beyond what is conventional to allow people to heal. thank you so much.” ~ J.B. in Boulder, CO

“Judith’s ability to transform an ordinary day into a mind tingling – out of body – experience is a treasure. For her, loving touch is a way of life. For me, her genteel touch gave me a sense of well being beyond my dreams and beyond any massage I’ve received in 35 years.” ~ R.M.

“From the moment Judith greeted me for my first appointment, I felt as if I had put myself into the hands of a professional with all the nurturing and love of the Divine Mother. Far beyond her considerable technical skill as a body worker, was her intuitive gift to know exactly what my body and spirit needed in each session. In Judith’s hands I was brought to a level of total peace unlike anything I have ever experienced before. My sessions with her eased me through 10 days of intense training that transformed me on every level of my being. I am grateful to her and am making a trip to her home several states away in large part for the opportunity to have her work with me again.” ~ Namaste, Pam