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Discover the diversity of our offerings from our wide menu of workshops on tantra, sacred sex, sexual intimacy, and relationship skill building.


Are You Ready to Awaken to Freedom?

"Unless consciousness can pervade your body, love will not prevail. If your body is kinked by tension, the immense force which moves through you cannot unfold as love. Rather, it will unfold in the shape of your kinks.” – ~David Deida

Full Embodiment is your divine birthright as evolving human beings. Learning how to re-inhabit your whole body, in a safe and supportive environment, is paramount to our healing journey.
This brilliant observation from David Deida is something we are in resonance with here at the Center of Awakened Loving. We find that when working with the body’s armor, the physical patterns themselves are very revealing and can be helpful for the awakening of the ‘Sexual Sense of Self’. Sometimes, having a personal guide as we let ourselves really feel, in present time, what messages our body has for the healing of our soul/spirit will elevate this profound experience.
Whether our work takes place for an individual, a couple or is for a group in a seminar format, our focus is this: How can the vibration be raised in this situation? What can be understood, to lift a person into a place of more light? What wants to happen to bring peace into this space?


What’s in the way of your Intimate, Loving Nature???

Open, vulnerable, loving, and intimate is our natural state. When is the best time  for you to remove the obstacles to this beautiful way of being?
If you would like to experience pleasure, love, spiritual connection, balance and harmony in your life, come discover how to go beyond what has held you back.
We invite you to discover the diversity of our offerings from our wide menu of workshops on tantra, sacred sex and sexual intimacy where you can see some of our Programs About Love, Sex, Tantra, Sexual Intimacy, Sacred Sexuality and Consciousness.


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